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~~ The D System, Inc. residential fire pumps  come pre-wired, pre-assembled and pre-tested from the factory. The      D Plus  fire pump package starts where the code starts. You build your pump, options are added per the needs of your specific projects. Additional  plastic  water tanks may be added as well. The Dcono is a fully loaded stand alone pump package that can be paired with one or more water storage tanks. The D System  is a doorway sized pump and tank package, all-in-one. The D System is available on a 300, or a 450 gallon doorway tank.  We also offer a 13R-C  fire pump package for your 13R projects. Through the approval of your AHJ, this package will save you the hassle, and the cost of a large NFPA UL listed fire pump. To see the water tanks for sale, please visit our poly water tank page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         plastic water tanks poly water tanks water storage tanks D System, Inc. residential fire pumps D SYSTEM, INC. 13D FIRE PUMPS

~~To maintain short lead times for our customers,  D Systems stocks a great deal of various water storage tanks.       D Systems offers polyethylene storage tanks  ranging in size from 20 gallons to 20,000 gallons and are manufactured in a variety of shapes and styles. All of our tanks are rugged, corrosion resistant and lightweight with no seams, welds or joints to leak or rust. The plastic water tanks are manufactured using resins that meet FDA specifications to ensure safe storage of potable water, and where applicable, our tanks are also NSF approved.

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D Systems residential fire pumps have been preferred by contractors and trusted by home owners for over 30 years.

                                       NFPA 13R

~ NFPA 13R code allows “ a connection to a water work system with or without a pump, as required. Fire pump shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 20. NFPA 20 says, centrifugal fire pumps and controllers shall be listed for fire protection service. This should not be confused with an ul listing for the motor. D System components including the controller comply with NFPA 13R, w/ the exception of the pump. The pump meets all the performance criteria, and the motor is UL Listed, however the pump is not listed per NFPA 20. A listed NFPA 20 pump would resemble a large commercial type pump and cost many times our complete system. For  13R projects with a strict budget and lower flows all options need be considered.  *When the D System is being used in a NFPA 13R application, the “Authority Having Jurisdiction “ is to be aware, and have accepted the pump. Contractors and owners alike want the best product for the best price. No one wants a problem after the installation.

d system code compliance

                               NFPA 13D

~The D System is designed and manufactured to deliver fire protection for residential occupancies. The codes our systems address are NFPA 13D and NFPA13 R. The systems incorporate UL listed (for fire protection) material and components where available. NFPA 13D code allows “ a connection to a water work system with or without an automatically operated pump” The pump or controller does not have to be listed for fire protection service. Only federal and local electrical codes apply. All D System components comply.

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~~All D Systems are pre-wired, pre-assembled and factory tested. This makes the install as easy as 1, 2, 3.

   1 ~~Connect sprinkler system to our NPT female thread riser.

   2 ~~Connect water supply to our 3/4" NPT female thread  backflow preventer.

   3 ~~Connect your electric power to the controller: • 2 wire plus ground 110V Volt, or 3 wire plus ground 230V .


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