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1. What does The D System consist of?

Tank, pump, controller and components factory assembled, wired and tested into a complete unit.

2. What is the difference in controllers?

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3. What type of alarm systems can I use?

The D System can supply a signal to any type of fire, burglar alarm system or special alarm devices - open or closed circuits.

4. How do I get longer duration for sprinkler operation?

Water tanks can be manifolded together at time of installation or added later to suit any requirement.

5. Why are galvanized steel pipes and fittings used?

NFPA 13D requires that the pipe and fitting be listed for fire protection. Some types of plastic fittings and tubes are not listed.

Frequently asked questions


1. What is the primary use for The D System?

The D System is a self-contained automatic water delivery system for residential fire sprinkler systems. It has all the components and features required and desired to give you a top of the line product.

2. What fire code does The D System meet?

NFPA 13 D single family dwellings.

3. Can The D System be used in other applications?

The system can only be used in NFPA 13, and 13R applications with Fire Marshall's approval.

4. Do I need a permit to use The D System?

A permit may be required for the sprinkler installation, however a plumbing permit should not be required for The D System.

5. Who can install The D System?

Any one who can use a pipe wrench and screw driver, however we recommend that a licensed electrician make the connection to the power supply.

6. Can anti-freeze solution be used?

Yes. The solution can be put in the tank directly or an anti-freeze loop can be installed in the piping above the tank.

7. Is the water potable?

All components are listed. However we do not recommend the product to be used in this way.

    ~~After the D System's patent in 1983 the D System has become the industry standard of self-contained water delivery systems for residential fire protection. The D System products are complete, easy to install, and will meet your specifications, as well as the NFPA codes for one and two family dwellings. We hope your visit to our web site answers all of your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us through this web site, phone (800-PUMP13D), fax 410 692 7604 or text at 410 984 7840.

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D Systems residential fire pumps have been preferred by contractors and trusted by home owners for over 30 years.




D System, inc. Residential Fire Pumps

System Operation

1. How difficult is it to set-up and operate The D System?

Once the initial installation is complete, the system is operated by turning a switch to on. Testing is done by opening and closing a valve. The System resets itself automatically after each test. It is that easy.

2. How often should The D System be tested?

We require that the system be tested and recorded once a month. Local authorities may require a copy of testing.

3. What happens if the electrical power goes out?

The system should be connected to it's own circuit breaker, so the power to the house must go out to affect the system. The system has a bypass(optional) connected to domestic water that would supply water to the sprinkler system at whatever rate the domestic can deliver. Connecting the system to an automatic backup generator is desirable, but not mandatory.

4. Can water in the tank or sprinkler system get back into the domestic supply? No. The bypass has an approved backflow preventer and the tank fill has an air gap to prevent this.

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